Social Marketing Domain Name for Sale is for sale.

Value: Priceless. Why? Because social media is about people, not platforms. It’s social. Get it?


If you’ve been in the online trenches long enough you already know that the real key to social media success is actually being social – listening to people, talking to them and helping them. That’s where the rubber meets the road. If they like you, they’ll buy from you. Once. If they’re happy with their purchase, they’ll buy from you again. And they’ll tell their friends. Everywhere. Online and off. All over the world. The Internet is a big place.

Being social allows you to create an indestructible network which not only leads to word-of-mouth sales well into the future at less cost, but also influences your Google rankings. You can’t fake social. It won’t work long term unless it’s real. Google knows that. Which is the primary reason I originally bought this domain name three or four years ago, while thinking along the same lines as David Amerland does in his book Google Semantic Search. But that’s a post for another day that includes content development, sharing, networks, networking, customer service,  social interactions and much more. Suffice to say Google is measuring — EVERYTHING.  And no, that is not an affiliate link to the book. At least not for now. You just need to buy and read the book.

Social media has ALWAYS been about being socialNOT about the social media properties. If you’re an agency that really gets “social” word-of-mouth marketing; if you already know how to make your clients’ customers feel appreciated; how to turn them into heroes and evangelists for a brand; and how to convert social into sales; this domain name could be worth a fortune to you, not to mention the free branding.  Stay tuned. I’ll flesh out this page over the next few months with some good reasons to buy

Oh, and there is one way to get this domain name cheap.

If you’re an agency with an elite team of social Web geniuses who can see the future, OR, if you’re Google, Google+, Google Ventures (actually, anywhere at Google would work :)) HubSpot, VaynerMediaMicrosoft, YAHOO! or LinkedIn, and you can put me in a room with your best and brightest along with a big white board, to develop this name over the next three years at $100,000 a year (I’m well worth it), I’ll sell it to you for nothing but a piece of the action. And just to be clear, I’m not looking for a job, I have enough of those, but I would enjoy working with some of the most intelligent people on the planet.

Ready to get started on your first $100 million? E-mail cco AT or fill out THIS FORM.

Have a fabulous day!

P.S. My skill set includes SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, Interviewing, Writing (and spelling too!), socializing online and all kinds of other good stuff  that can only be revealed to the buyer. It will then self destruct.

P.S.S. This domain name also comes with numerous additional social media marketing, social marketing and Internet marketing-related domain names that are almost as good. But not quite 🙂

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